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An icontest for Cameron Mitchell of SG1

Community Rules and Guidelines
Friend the community to see all the posts and challenges ^_~

Entering the Challenges:
- Only new icons, created for the purposes of the given challenge, are permitted to be entered here.
- Icons need to fit the 100x100px and 40kb limits according to the requirements of LiveJournal.
- As this is a 'Stills' contest, please do not submit animated entries.
- Brushes, textures, overlays, etc,. are permitted as long as the picture(s) provided are easily viewable.
- Please do not post your icons elsewhere until after voting is over and the winners are announced.
- Submit your icon(s) as a comment to the challenge post.
- All entries will be screened.
- Additional rules (if/when required) will be included with each challenge post. Most important of all, have fun!

The Mod
- rightxhere - Challenge poster, vote counter

Challenges Information
- Once every two weeks a new set of images (5-10) will be posted (unless it's a "free for all" round).
- Sometimes the images will be episode or season specific, and other times specific challenges will be set (black and white, word prompts, etc,.). These will vary from week-to-week.
- Voting will begin when the posting deadline has passed and the Voting Post has been made.
- You are not allowed to vote for yourself, nor are you allowed to ask others to vote for you (though you can encourage them to come and vote in general for any challenge you are entered into...even ones you're not).
- All challenges will be based around the character of Cameron Mitchell, though if the given image includes another character you may also include them in your icon(s). Also, sometimes 'shippy' challenges will be issued, since your mod is a shipper at heart :)

Additional challenge information will be included here once the first couple of challenges have been issued.

Challenge Timeframe
New Challenge post: Fortnightly on Friday-Saturday (depending on your timezone).
Voting goes up: Same day (usually, except if extensions are made)
Deadline to vote: Given with each entry
Winners posted: When the voting deadline has passed, except when a tie-breaker is needed.

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